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At Pristine Exteriors, we specialize in all things roof! We strive to have the best service in all of Akron. If your roof has been affected with the recent windstorms, don’t hesitate to call us! The best Akron Roofer you can find. Pristine Exteriors goes beyond the regular roofing companies that you’ll run into because we can offer things smaller roofing companies can’t such as financing, windows and doors, solar energy solutions, and warranties that will be there if you should ever need it.


5 Signs It’s Time to Call Us

  1. If you see water stains, something has gone wrong with your roof. Remember leaks only get worse, so if you see water damage to your ceiling it is important to discover the cause and stop it as soon as possible.
  2. If you bought your house 20 years ago and have never replaced the roof, it is time to start planning for your new roof. Roofs have a life cycle and have to be replaced every 20-25 years.
  3. If you are seeing cracked shingles then it is time to consider calling a roofing company. A few cracked shingles on your roof can be replaced, but if you are seeing a lot of them throughout the roof, then it is a clear sign your shingles are aged and will protect you much longer.
  4. If your roof has dark stains, it’s from algae or moss, these dark stains are not typically a big issue but we don’t recommend scraping or power washing your shingles.
  5. Sagging roofs can be a sign of structural damage. Please call a professional immediately if you see that any part of your roof is sagging.
Akron Roofer

Call Us With Your Roofing Needs

Our goal here at Pristine Exteriors is to install the best and safest roof for you and your family. We will make sure that we are the best Akron Roofer for you! Our priority is to leave you satisfied with the roof over your head. Our experts have all the experience needed to handle andy roof repair or installation. Call us today. Estimates are free!

Akron Roofer         akron roofer        Akron Roofer

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